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Vinuthna Products

Hand holding the committed farmer
India is an agricultural country. Farmers form the backbone of our economy. But on whom will the farmers lean on? That's where Vinuthna Fertilizerss in. We offer the reliable support to the entire farming community. We handhold them to better farming and richer yields.

Products in brief:
  • Vijaya Gromin & Kisan Shakthi: Well decomposted organic residue fortified with vital growth factors.Vinuthna Fertilizerss is credited with pioneering production and marketing of high quality organic manure as per the FCO 1985.

  • Khazaana: Contains nutrient rich liquid obtained from vermicomposting and is fortified further with vital growth promoting factors. It is free of pathogenic micro flora, helminthes eggs, weed seeds, specific faecal odours.

  • Supreme: It is a liquid bio-fertilizer containing efficient fungal strains of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) in dormant form @ 2000-2500 IP/ml.

  • Warrior: It is a liquid bio-fertilizer containing efficient strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in dormant form @ 1 x 108 CFU/ml.

  • Vinnzyme & Moorzyme( L & P): is a Bio-organic nutritional product derived from soyabean protein hydrolysate (Phyto-origin) enriched with essential ingredients required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields

  • James bond: is a Natural Bio product extracted from herbal plants containing medicinal and nutritional values for complete crop protection. It is a 100% natural derived botanical extract that enhances the immunization in plants. It also promotes plant growth, induces flowering and subsequently increases the crop yield.

  • Yield Star: State grade formula’s of chelated micronutrients. It is available in two formulations – Foliar and Soil Application Grade.

  • Camando: is a Natural Bio product which contains potent biological extracts combined under scientifically controlled conditions for optimum growth enhancement.

  • More 69: Comprising of Humic Acid and Sea Weed Extract fortified with essential tillering enhancing factors, this is an excellent product for rice, wheat and sugarcane.
Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Under the INM and IPM Program, Vinuthna Fertilizerss promotes the concept of Combination packs of it’s various products. These combination packs differ from state to state and crop and crop. Use of the combination pack ensures that the crop gets complete nutrition and gives appreciably higher yields of superior quality while replenishing the soil fertility and health as required for the next crop.