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OrgaOrganic Manure - Jeel ( For Growing Yields )

'Jeel' is a vital natural organic resource containing "liquid organic manure" to boost the nutrient turnovers. 'Jeel' is a result of decomposition of several natural plant and animal derivatives mainly extracted from specially blended organic compost. It is free of pathogenic micro flora, helminthes eggs, weed seeds and faecal odours. 'Jeel' is used as a fertilizer for all kinds of crops.

'Jeel' is a complex of organic matter, humates and plant growth stimulants. When 'Jeel' is mixed with the irrigation water, the nutrients become readily available in the rhizoshpere. This ultimately enhances the root and shoot growth.
  • A unique organic liquid fertilizer.
  • Helps in early germination of seeds and seedling growth.
  • Improves root growth and number of root hairs.
  • Promotes a healthy and rapid plant growth.
  • Promotes flowering, fruiting and increases yield levels.
Dosage Recommendation:
Soil application of 500 ml of Jeel per acre is recommended. Mix with 100 kg of organic manure & apply to soil at the time of basal or top dressing.
Alternately, Jeel can also be applied through Drip Irrigation system at the rate of 500 ml per acre.