An ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Infrastructure - State-of-the-Art
Infrastructure enables smooth functioning of operations and contributes substantially to the bottom line. Sound infrastructure means better profits. At Vinuthna, we never compromise as far as infrastructure is concerned. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the best.
Man Power – The power on which we thrive
Our employee turnover is very low. Thanks to the open culture, which we nurtured based on trust and faith. Flexible in approach, we ensure that the company provides ample opportunity of the complete development for the employee to explore his true potential as a professional and flourish in his career and life. At Vinuthna, we strongly believe that a company is as good as its employees.
Transportation – The ultimate reach
We have our own fleet of vehicles, which address all our transportation requirements, transporting products / material to our own godowns / units or to deliver the products to the farmers at their doorstep.

Marketing – Excelling in sales
A strong marketing team is very essential to ensure consistent sale of the products.
We, at Vinuthna, have a very well established strong marketing network to sell our products. Spread over 3 States, our network is powerful and expanding.

Production – Meeting the demand
Production facilities spread 3 states are managed by highly professional, expertise, competent, well trained and skilled personals, under stringent quality management norms. Vinuthna Supplies more than 10,000 MT of organic fertilizers per annum presently and capable of enhancing its supplies to 20,000 MT/annum and maintain raw material stocks of 15,000 MT at any point of time. Continuous innovative methods are adopted for improving enrichment of existing products and adding new products for excelling performance and services to our farming community.
OUR PRODUCTIONS Units are located across India :


Technical – The stronghold
At VINUTHNA we have over 50 agricultural specialists on whose guidance expertise we provide the right solution to the farming community.

Environment Safety – Right process perfect life
This means there is a strong process that is strictly followed. When the process is followed right, the procedure will be Perfect and results in reducing the economic hazard which it would otherwise can create.